What is Eurobeat Remix Battle?

Participants create the EUROBEAT NON-STOP MIX on 5 minutes & designated 5 songs.
Participants were upload own mix at NICO NICO DOUGA.
Compare with other participant mix on common tag (EURO_RMXBATTLE).

Participants are always wanted! Feel free to join us! If you want to participate in this project, please read following “How to join Eurobeat Remix Battle”

This is a project started with an inspiration “It is exciting to listen to various non-stop mixes of the same songs created by different people.” We hope you enjoy various mixes with lots of character and originality.

How to join Eurobeat Remix Battle

1. Create non-stop mix

Songs and order of the songs in non-stop mix are specified in each theme.
Length of non-stop mix should be more than 5 minutes but not to exceed 6 minutes. However this is not mandatory.

2. Create video

Create video with still picture. The still picture is specified in each theme.
Use your non-stop mix as back ground music of the video.

3. Post your video to NICO NICO DOUGA

You need an account of NICO NICO DOUGA to post your video.

4. Add tag to your video
Add tag “EURO_RMXBATTLE” to your video.

Mix Theme

ROUND.1 theme

EUROBEAT NON-STOP MIX of 5 songs arranged by Colorful-Sounds-Port.

ROUND.2 theme

EUROBEAT NON-STOP MIX of latest 5 songs produced by samfree.

translator: KT, ak, ray. Thanks!!